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The story of letterpress

Whenever you make something by hand a story is told. The story may be simple or it may have many layers. The same is true for letterpress. A few weeks ago I was working on a small letterpress project Rachel came up with and I invited Rachel’s brother Andy to join me. He ended up filming the whole process and edited the footage into the short video below, which I think turned out great! On the surface the video tells the story of hand setting type, cutting paper, and ultimately printing on a small platen press. However, there is also a more involved story behind what I was printing (perhaps we will share more on that at some point). Additionally, there is the store of the video itself, which is Andy’s first video. I enjoy hearing stories, telling stories, and being a part of them. In it’s simplicity and in it’s complexity, this was a cool story to be involved in along with Rachel and Andy. I hope you enjoy it!


Letterpress Instructional Video

For those of you who’ve never seen the letterpress printing process, I thought this video would give you a good glimpse into how it’s done. The press in the video is a Vandercook proofing press which is very similar to the presses I’ve been using at MCBA for the past year. The main difference is that I’ve primarily printed using photo polymer plates rather than type. Enjoy!

The video was made by Naomie Ross