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Doe, a deer, a female deer

We had the pleasure of creating these wedding invitations a few months back, and I thought I would share them on the blog today. The couple wanted a “doe and buck” theme for their wedding in the country. I had a lot of fun designing them and Darren did an awesome job as usual printing them!
IMG_2632We printed them on Crane Lettra which is 100% cotton paper and so luxurious! It’s pretty much the industry standard for letterpress. They advertise the paper as tree-free!


Watercolor + Letterpress Invites


Over the years Rachel has come up with some pretty ambitious designs that always end up causing me a fair amount of stress. The payoff though, is that they always turn out really great! The same goes for her most recent wedding invite design. The design consisted of three very labor intensive elements; hand drawn flowers and leaves, watercolor, and of course letterpress printing.

Normally, the thought of watercolor painting 150 invites would be daunting, but fortunately the bride and groom were excited to get involved in the creative process and get their hands dirty. So Rachel and I, along with the bride and groom, and our close friends Liz and Eric (the groom is Eric’s brother) spent roughly three and a half hours painting the watercolor portion of the invites.

IMG_2516 IMG_2515 IMG_2519 IMG_2514

In order to get the water color portion to ultimately line up correctly we used stencils made from test prints of the invites. The night before we painted, Rachel cut out the stencils and I painted them with clear nail polish to keep the paper from deteriorating when wet.


At first it was a litter nerve-wracking having five amateurs doing so much of the painting, plus having the bride and groom there. But we quickly learned that the bride and groom were very go-with-the-flow and the painting turned out wonderfully.


The final step was to do the letterpress printing of the design on the top of the watercolor. I had a small margin of error since we only painted 160 invites and needed 150. I had a few hiccups along the way, but in the end they turned out better than I could have expected. Once again, one of Rachel’s ambitious designs paid off!

IMG_7262 IMG_7267 IMG_7270

And here is the final product! What do you think of the watercolor letterpress combo?

Letterpress Print Giveaway!!!

IMG_5117We are excited to announce our first giveaway! Rachel designed and hand lettered this print with things she thinks make up a good day, especially with a child. The print reads, “Greet the day, read books, listen to music, get outside, dance, give thanks.” I printed the design on a few different papers (all 8.5 x 11) and a few different colors. We think they all turned out great! Now, you can have one of your own– perfect for a family room or a kids room!

IMG_5097 In order to enter the giveaway:

• Leave a comment below with what you think makes up a good day!
• For and additional 1-2 entries mention this post on twitter and/or facebook (show us a link to your mentions in your comment). On Monday we will randomly select two winners. Each winner can select their favorite “Good Day” print.

IMG_5102 IMG_5115


Good luck and thanks for entering!

Archie’s Letterpress Invitations

IMG_2487 IMG_2493
Archie is a huge dog lover, so we decided to incorporate them into his invites. Darren drew the dog on paper, scanned it in and I vectorized it in Illustrator. A true team effort! I did the rest of the design and then Darren printed them. We just used one color so they were pretty inexpensive and turned out pretty cute! We had a really fun little party with his friends and our family for his second birthday! Pics of that special day coming soon!

a peek into the making of our logo

I’ve really become interested in hand-lettering this past year, but didn’t even know how the process really worked.  So I set out to learn more about the process! I stumbled upon the work of one of the best hand letterers out there, Mary Kate McDevitt. Her work is so lovely!


Her blog, specifically this post, showed me what to do in Illustrator once scanning in my drawing. So, once I kind of had an idea of where I wanted to go with our logo, I sketched it out in my sketch book– like a sketch book from 7th grade! ha!
I sketched it out in pencil and then the next step was to ink it with a pen!
From there I scanned it in so that I could clean it up and tweak it a bit in Illustrator. I actually traced the sketched words in Illustrator with the pen tool. After some tweaking, here’s what it looked like:
I was pleased with the look, but thought it need a little more visual interest behind it to be used for the header of our blog. So, I decided to add a jagged circle and some texture. I wasn’t able to find the texture I was looking for online, so we inked up one of our letterpress rollers and made the texture ourselves and then scanned them in. Here are a few of the textures we made:

We used red ink when we were making the texture, but I wasn’t planning on using red for the logo, luckily it wasn’t too hard to change in Illustrator. And here’s the final product!
If you’re interested in learning a little bit more about the hand lettering process, I’d recommend checking out this handy book, The Little Book of Lettering. Their are many ways to approach hand lettering, and I am still very much a novice, but I have found you are able to achieve things that you just can’t do with the computer alone!