Sometimes I am tempted to think we don’t do much in the way of great things here during our days. But, deep down I know that is only something I should be tempted to think. Because all big things start small, and this work is largely unseen. So, I thought a list of the little (big) things would be handy in case I lose my way in all this.

We are together in our home. I am creating/defining a “normal” for them– hopefully of rich, whole, life-giving things.

We learn manners and humility together through our sharp interactions. We get frustrated, we apologize, we forgive.IMG_0860

We create bonds. Sibling, parent, family.

We show our love through words and affection.

We speak of our Creator and give thanks together.

We pray for lost buckets at the beach. And see that God cares for us in the small things.

We read books all day long. We expand our vocabulary. We expand our world. We feast on the richness He has given to us.

We eat together and look in each others eyes. And laugh. And make the less desirable food be eaten.

We play outside and notice. We see the rocks, smell the flowers, jump in the mud, stand on the ice.

We build. Legos and relationships. IMG_1119

We snuggle.

We reach out to friends, new and old. The healthy and the hurting.

We invite people to sit on our comfy couches to feel belonging.

We adventure. Parks, museums, restaurants. We see.

We celebrate each other and intentionally move our focus to the “other.”

We serve others together by bringing meals, sending cards, delighting in the making of a gift for another.

We do this life together, the hills, the valleys, the joys and the sorrows. IMG_5347


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