An Ode to my Valentine

This past weekend was Valentine’s Day. Darren made it very special as usual. A special treat in the morning with good coffee, a fun gift to open, a handmade card from my boys (complete with a dinosaur and “human body” drawing), and a delightful dinner out while our boys were watched by my parents. I did not have much in turn to give him, so I thought I would write an ode to my sweet HB here.
As we talked at dinner on Valentine’s, we talked of present and future things and as we talked, we organically were able to see how our roles within our marriage function. Through our talk we realized that I really look out how to further the boys development and Darren really looks out for me and our marriage. He does things to take care of me so I can better take care of the boys. I think these realizations made us appreciate each other even further. And I think it was an encouragement to each other that these roles works well for us, to maintain the health of our kids and marriage. Their are of course things we can both work on and do better, but it made me so thankful for all the little ways he takes care of me.

Darren is my hidden treasure that God gave me. Here are some things I am thankful for!
• He loves me more truly and deeply than anyone else. Being a recipient of his love regularly challenges me to love better.
• He is the steady ship that rides through the waves of my emotions and feelings. He can be counted on for wisdom.
• He is probably the funniest person I know, and he always has something to say.
• Conversation is usually pretty easy for us. These are some of things I love most about him and his care for me.
• He loves God and walks with Him through life– always giving him the credit for the ways God has blessed him.
• He is a great dad, always building something, reading or teaching something interesting to them!
• He knows me better than anyone else. Being known is such a gift.

I love you HB!


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