Three things to make before Spring

1.) The Geranium Baby/Little girl dress
Because what is sweeter than baby girl dresses? And since I don’t have a baby girl of my own to dress in adorable clothing, I figured making one of these dresses would fulfill that little longing deep in my soul. I searched and searched for baby girl dress patterns online and this is most what I was looking for. I don’t love the little v part of the neckline, so I would make omit that, but everything else appeals to me– the simpleness, the waistline, the gathers, the option for ruffle sleeves. And yes, I will be giving it to a sweet baby girl in my life.
(image via Made By Rae)

2.) A Braided Rag Rug
I could use a rug in my living room and all the rugs that I really like in-store or online are pretty spendy. Since I like the look of rag rugs, I thought this would be a good alternative. I think I will pick a lighter gray fabric, a bold gold fabric and a print of some sort to make up the three strands of the braid. The only thing I am worried about is the sturdiness of it since people will be walking on it. And it might break my heart a little bit if it got dirty or spilled on since it’s a handmade piece, but I will just have to make peace with that reality.

(image via ModaBakeShop)

3.) The Washi Dress
So I have never really done garment sewing, so this could be a bit of a disaster, but I do plan to get help from my mom and other trusted seamstresses. Like the baby girl Geranium dress, I found this pattern after much searching. And coincidentally, it is also a Made by Rae pattern! I was looking for something flattering to my body shape, something simple in appearance and craftsmanship. This could end up not being flattering, and hard to make, but I want to try it. The Washi dress on the girl below looks like a similar size/body type to me, so I am hoping that’s what it would roughly look like on me. Fingers crossed 😉

dear stella washi dress
(image via Skirt as Top)

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