For the love of reading

Over the past few years, my husband and I have developed quite a passion for reading. Neither of us grew up in homes that really fostered a love for reading, so we both feel it’s kind of unusual that we find ourselves in this position. Maybe it’s a mix of having a lot of really smart friends who read a lot and their love has rubbed off on us combined with getting a taste of some really good writing that left us hungry for more.

I think Donald Miller’s books introduced us both to this fresh, honest writing style that we both really connected with. And I think we realized that the world of books is vast. We are always adding to our book lists (or the goodreads app) and telling each other about what we are reading.
Blue-Like-Jazz-e1335535652212I feel like I missed out on a lot of great girlhood books, so that is something that I am very interested in right now. The interest in girlhood books may also be due to the fact that I am officially a mother to boys, so even though I am 31yrs old, this may be my only chance to indulge in this kind of reading. This year I read Anne of Green Gables, and I bought the Little House on the Prairie Series. I still want to read Christy, Heidi, A Little Princess and The Secret Garden. Anna Bond of Rifle, recently designed the book covers of some of just the books I am talking about, and they are gorgeously designed to boot! Christmas gift, hint, hint!
rifle booksSince my children were born I have been very interested in children’s books–in finding out about the good authors and which books make my three year old tick. So far he really loves books by authors Mo Willems, Oliver Jeffers and Holly Hobbie to name a few. I often find him just looking through books by himself. We have tried to incorporate the library into our weekly rhythm which has been really nice and free! I recently borrowed The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease from the library. It is a great resource of information about the great books to read aloud as well as tools to ignite a love of reading in little ones.
readaloudAfter hearing lots about this book, I ordered and old edition of The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise-Bauer off of last year and I think that’s what got me really passionate about the importance of children reading. The book in a nut-shell is about classically educating kids at home. Whether or not my kids will be educated at home or in a school is still a bit unknown, but I do know that Darren and I will always be our kids biggest influence and greatest educators.
Well-Trained MindClassical education is divided up into three stages called the Trivium which starts with the grammar stage, followed by the logic stage and finishes with the rhetoric stage ending the last year of high school. The first stage of education according to the classical method, the grammar stage, emphasizes reading everything and anything. The goal is to fill and expand the mind while it is young and sponge-like! So that has been a goal of mine with my three year old. We pick out fiction and non-fiction, books about holidays and different cultures and crazy books that expand his imagination. It really has been a joy and I am excited to continue on this journey with him and in my own reading journey.

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