Business Cards – Thomas Landin Furniture

We recently had the opportunity to do business cards for Thom Adair, who is the proprietor and craftsman behind Thomas Landin Furniture (definitely check out Thom’s website, his work is really incredible). We only met Thom recently, but are longtime friends with his wife Leah, and so the connection was made.


The project itself was, in part fairly simple, but also very challenging. Thom already had a logo for his business, so Rachel simply had to layout the business cards to Thom’s liking. On the other hand, the printing was much more involved. For one, I’d never printed business cards before. Additionally, I was printing on really thick paper (Crane’s 220lb Lettra), the registration was very tight, and the cards were to be printed on both sides, which I’d also never done before.



In the end, despite my lack of confidence and a fair amount of anxiety, the cards turned out great. Although, I can’t take full credit. The cards wouldn’t have turned out as well as they did without the help of Jason Yoh. Jason works as a press operator at Studio On Fire and is currently the letterpress studio monitor at MCBA, where I do our printing. He has considerable letterpress expertise and has been graciously sharing that expertise with me, particularly on this project. I also want to point out that Jason and his wife recently started their own letterpress studio, Yeoman Press. Their website is still a work in progress, but definitely worth checking out!



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