Kisses from Katie + giveaway winners!


I read Ann Voskamp’s blog, A Holy Experience, fairly often and I’ve read her posts lately about her and her oldest daughter traveling to Uganda. Before she left, she wrote about how she was going to see Katie Davis and the amazing work she is doing there with Amazima Ministries– the child sponsorship organization that she founded. I didn’t know very much about Katie Davis, but had heard of her book, Kisses from Katie, so I decided to buy it this weekend with a Barnes and Noble gift card I got for my birthday.

Katie Davis and her daughters

Well, let me tell you, I just gobbled this book up! For some reason it was just so refreshing for me to read. I feel like the simple message of “God loves YOU!” gets lost in a lot of messages that I am accustom to hearing.  To hear of a woman younger than me, on her own, adopting 14 daughters with such joy just kind of blows my mind. I’ve been kind of in a rut lately, feeling unstable with the future feeling very unknown. But her words really reminded me that God loves us so much and we just need to obey by doing the work set right in front of us and He will show us the rest in due time. Sometimes I get cranky when I have too much to do, or simply work that I don’t want to do. But it is in the little things that we serve and love God– the laundry, the cooking, the meeting of basic needs. How we care for the ones we love shows how we see and love God.

**Also, thanks to everyone who entered our giveaway! We were excited to get as many entries as we did and we plan to offer the prints in our etsy shop in the coming months! The winners picked at random were  Dena Swenson and Liz Anderson. Congrats ladies!


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