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So, I would definitely call myself a connoisseur of blogs! There are some that I have been reading for years now, which kind of seems crazy to me. Of course not all of them that I follow post everyday, but a lot of them post pretty regularly. I feel like I have really received an education from some of them…on how to live naturally, bring up a child, nurture a strong family, be creative amongst limitation, etc… Most of the authors are moms, but I wouldn’t consider these “mommy” blogs.

First up: Posie Gets Cozy

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Posie gets Cozy is a blog I have known about for a while, but didn’t start reading it regularly until this year. It is authored by a woman in Portland, OR who adopted a little girl this year. She’s an amazing artist and I have been totally captivated by her aesthetic. She takes the most stunning pictures of her home and– often the same pictures throughout the different seasons. The things she loves are innocent and cute, and I think I have found courage to love those things again– the things that I thought you kind of had to stop loving once you got a design degree. I’ve learned about Tasha Tudor and Carl Larsson from her–both children’s book authors whom I’ve checked out books at the library on to learn more about. I’d totally recommend her blog! I just bought her Maggie Rabbit kit, now I just have to make it!

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Jen Loves Kev is a blog I’ve been reading for a long time now! I feel like I could be friends with Jen if we lived in the same state! She posts on life with her adorable two daughters, fashion, motherhood and everything in between. She posts quite often, so you get a great peak into her day to day life– the good and bad, easy and hard stuff with a really honest perspective which can be hard to find in the blog world.

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Carpe Season is my friend Liz’ amazing food blog! She and her husband, Eric, who helped get our blog up and running, manage the blog together. The amazing writing with the awesome photography make for a really nummy blog! Liz is also a fellow blog lover, so we always have fun chatting about the different blogs we have come across! Check her blog out if you need a recipe for dinner tonight!

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Bleubird is another blog I have read for a long time. She seems like she is kind of burnt out from blogging, but I still enjoy seeing glimpses into her life. I think I like seeing how people live, the choices they make…I like hearing and reading people’s stories and I guess that’s why I keep reading this one. She has two children from her past marriage and two from her current marriage. Their family is pretty hipster, I guess…I don’t know how else you would describe them.

Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 11.56.40 PM

Oh, Journey Mama, your words are so soothing. She writes from their home in Thailand, where they are raising their 5 children. She is a writer, so her posts are just like honey. So beautiful. She writes very honestly about motherhood, living in another culture, living with little material possessions and about faith. It’s neat to see Jesus faith lived out in a non-Jesus culture. Her archives show all the places they have lived. Sometimes I love going through archives on blogs to see where people have come from.

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I think I started reading Nie Nie right after she had had her plane crash. Her story is pretty remarkable, and since she blogs daily, I read her blog quite often. She loves motherhood like no other blogger which I find really neat. She values the day-to-day tasks of being a mom above all else.  She sometimes writes snippets about Mormonism that I find annoying, but other than that I really commend her on keeping a positive attitude amidst so many ongoing physical trials in her life.

Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 11.57.59 PM

I found Emphasis Added! through another blog a year or so ago and I think I am drawn to it, because the mom who writes it is so different than me. She works full-time for a major company in Chicago and has two little girls. Her life seems super hectic to me, but she is very positive and always keeps her head up. She’ll post about crazy expensive clothes and galas she goes to…it’s a fun peek into a totally different world!

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 12.00.58 AM

Simple Mom is a great resource for moms. Tsh Oxenreider, the author, has a team of contributors who post on so many relevant things. I also enjoy listening to the Simple Mom podcast, especially when I have long drives from the burbs to the city. She is real, and a great writer.

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 12.01.42 AM

And finally I am sharing about Soule Mama. She lives in the Northeast with her 5 children. They farm and knit and homeschool and write daily about what they experience through the different seasons on a farm. I’d love to just go and live with them for a week to be a part of all of the life they have going on! I’ve read some of her books too, and they are all awesome– with great ideas on re-using things, making handmade gifts, etc.

Hope you’ve enjoyed a peek into some of my favorite blogs. If you are a blog lover, what are some that you find yourself going to again and again? I’d love to know!


One thought on “Rachel’s favorite blogs

  1. eaberget

    Um, thanks for the inclusion on a list that also includes JOURNEY MAMA (not to mention Jen Loves Kev). Talk about intimidating 🙂
    Kidding! Your comments about Carpé are so sweet 🙂


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