Letterpress Print Giveaway!!!

IMG_5117We are excited to announce our first giveaway! Rachel designed and hand lettered this print with things she thinks make up a good day, especially with a child. The print reads, “Greet the day, read books, listen to music, get outside, dance, give thanks.” I printed the design on a few different papers (all 8.5 x 11) and a few different colors. We think they all turned out great! Now, you can have one of your own– perfect for a family room or a kids room!

IMG_5097 In order to enter the giveaway:

• Leave a comment below with what you think makes up a good day!
• For and additional 1-2 entries mention this post on twitter and/or facebook (show us a link to your mentions in your comment). On Monday we will randomly select two winners. Each winner can select their favorite “Good Day” print.

IMG_5102 IMG_5115


Good luck and thanks for entering!


49 thoughts on “Letterpress Print Giveaway!!!

  1. l7designs

    These are beautiful! A good day for me is spending the day with my little family – my almost 1 year old daughter and my husband. Doesn’t matter the activity – just being together is makes it a great day!

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  3. Betsy

    digging in the dirt, snuggling my nieces, swimming, coffee dates with my best friend, reading time with my husband turning into a long conversation, baking something amazing, looking for the hand of God in my world and finding it every time.

  4. Darren Post author

    Thanks to everyone who has commented and posted on facebook and twitter! We will be picking the winners tonight and posting them tomorrow!

  5. kate oakes

    the little things…
    coffee & dark chocolate, walks in the rain or sunshine, smiles from my lil babe, spontaneous road trips, holding hands, snail mail from a friend, grilled home cooking goodness on a summer night…
    they are endless…


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