Highs and Lows

IMG_2378In the past nine months we’ve been in a perpetual state of transition with no clear vision of what the future will hold due to many unknowns. Last week was particularly difficult. Both Rachel and I were feeling overwhelmed with everything. We’re in the middle of some legal issues with our house, which we are renting. We’ve been trying to figure out what to do with our house once our renters move out, then figure out where to live. Speaking of where to live, we’re really itching to move out of Rachel’s parents house, not because it’s bad, but because we miss having our own space. On top of all that, it’s been challenging being involved in church, as we currently live much farther away, and our faith has suffered as a result. Oh, and we’re trying to figure out how to start a business. I was actually suppose to take a letterpress class this week, but it got canceled. I don’t say all this to be a downer or to make anyone feel sorry for us, but mainly to be honest and because all these things are part of life. And though things have been tough of late, there has been some good.

We celebrated Rachel’s 30th birthday last week which was a lot of fun and we celebrated fathers day this past weekend. I took today off of work and we were able to get a lot done and have some fun time together as a family. Some really good news we have is that we had a realtor do an evaluation of our house and as it turns out, he thought we’d be able to sell it within a price range that would work for us. There’s a lot of work to be done after our renters move out, but it finally feels like there’s some light at the end of the tunnel with this house (it’s been a long road).


Finally I just wanted to say, for me personally I’ve had a really hard time trusting in God with all that’s been going on. Last week when things felt really hard I finally gave in spending a lot of time in prayer and I definitely felt a bit of the burden lift. It’s so easy to get caught up in ourselves, even in difficult things and feel like we have to figure it all out, but that really doesn’t get us anywhere. I was reminded of a song called “Consider the Ravens” by Dustin Kensrue. It’s about God’s provision and it was really comforting to me last week.

2 thoughts on “Highs and Lows

  1. carpe season (@carpeseason)

    Oh…I hear this. Glad to hear the news about the appraisal. We pray regularly that you will be guided clearly. That you will know beyond doubt where God is leading you. Anything we can do to help with the house….you know we’d love to.


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