Archie’s 2nd Birthday Party

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Archie had some of his favorite friends at his birthday party. “The boys” as he lovingly refers to them all came, totally making his day. In case you are wondering, he goes to “the boys” house one afternoon a week and talks about them all the time. At one point we saw the biggest boy, David, unprompted just sitting in a recliner reading to Archie. It was about the sweetest thing ever! One of the favorite toys he got was a truck that you can put a car into, once he opened that, no other gifts were of interest to him. But he did quite enjoy his bug catching equipment– fanny pack, tweezers, bug net and bug house included.

Once he heard the birthday song once, he was totally sold. After we would finish singing it, he would say “again!”, so we sang it twice before he had cake. He just had this little permagrin on his face the whole time we were singing, as if the song had been written just for him.

It was so wonderful to celebrate him and his two little years that he has been with us. He is such a joy to us, such a treasure, and now he is 2! We love you Archie Louis!


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