A Day in Mankato

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Darren’s mom is visiting from Montana and yesterday we decided to spend the day in Mankato. We didn’t have an agenda and none of us knew the area at all, so it made for an interesting day. The main highlight was discovering Sibley Park. It had great scenery, nice trails, and a petting zoo that Archie loved! After the park we drove around trying to find a place to eat. None of us have smart phones so we just drove in places we thought we hadn’t yet been, but we kind of ended up driving in circles for a long time. We were about to give up and go to a Perkins we saw earlier, when suddenly we stumbled upon an area with plenty of dining options. So Grizzly’s it was. Tons of pictures of bears and fish on the walls, which was perfect for a two year old. All in all a great day to a place in Minnesota none of us had been before.

2 thoughts on “A Day in Mankato

  1. Elizabeth Berget

    What a beautiful day of exploration…especially after such a no good, rotten one. Praying the fence situation finds resolution soon and for more days like your Mankato day!


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