A No Good Very Bad Horrible Day

Some days are just bad. There is no getting around it. Yesterday was one of those days. Sure there are bright spots that can be found even on the worst days, but man…yesterday was not so great.


The first thing that happened was that I got a ticket in the mail for not stopping when a bus had it’s stop sign out. As I read the offense I got a sinking feeling in my stomach, because I knew I was guilty of not stopping, and the bus driver actually wrote down my driver’s license and reported me to the police! In my defense, it was one of those split-second things where I totally know I should have stopped, but my foot was on the gas (and their were NO children around) and I just started going. Ugh. So, $180 later lesson TOTALLY learned.

Later in the day we went to pick up our car that need some work done at the shop. So much money gets sunk into cars! No way around it, right? Yuck.

The third crazy thing happened as we were going to pick up Darren’s mom from the airport, I get a text from our neighbor at the house we own (but aren’t currently living in). She said that her dad tore down part of our fence that they claim is on their property. As I was reading the text, I was just in disbelief. He didn’t talk to us about this at all and just said he got legal counsel and apparently just went ahead with it. It left us feeling two things pretty strongly.
• First we thought, is common courtesy just totally non-existent anymore?
• The second thing we felt, is there no protection for home owners?

We are going to try to sell our house this fall, and we can’t have this beautiful white picket fence with one of the sides missing! So, we are dealing with all of that this morning. My gut reaction to the guy pulling out our fence without talking to us at all, was A-HOLE! But my mother-in-law who got in town yesterday really encouraged us to pray about the situation. Great advice even when you feel like not much can be done and when you would rather just be mad and not extend grace.

Have you had a no good very bad horrible day lately? Anything to top our yesterday? If so, please share, it may make me feel a little better 🙂


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