What You Can Expect

If you’ve had a chance to read through some of our earlier posts or our About page you may have noticed a theme in terms of what this blog is about. We want to give a glimpse into our slightly chaotic lives (I [Darren] am currently working full time, Rachel is a full-time Mom at home with Archie, we’re currently living with Rachel’s parents, we’ll be selling our house soon that we are renting out for the year) as we start a letterpress business. It’s a lot to balance and our hope is that it’s a compelling story for you to be apart of as it unfolds.
We also like the idea of doing this blog together, for practical reasons and because we each have a unique perspective to bring to the table. That being said, there’s more to our lives than just work, parenting, and starting a business. We’re also planning to post about things we love, things we’re passionate about, things we’re thinking about or wrestling with and maybe just simply posting a picture or quote.
You can expect posts on anything from art, design, food (we really love food!), nature, music, marriage, faith, travel, funny stories, crafting, books, culture, and whatever other crazy things pop into our heads. Thanks again for checking us out, we hope you stay awhile 🙂 And we hope to meet others through this process…community can be found online (even though it’s not quite the same)!

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