a peek into the making of our logo

I’ve really become interested in hand-lettering this past year, but didn’t even know how the process really worked.  So I set out to learn more about the process! I stumbled upon the work of one of the best hand letterers out there, Mary Kate McDevitt. Her work is so lovely!


Her blog, specifically this post, showed me what to do in Illustrator once scanning in my drawing. So, once I kind of had an idea of where I wanted to go with our logo, I sketched it out in my sketch book– like a sketch book from 7th grade! ha!
I sketched it out in pencil and then the next step was to ink it with a pen!
From there I scanned it in so that I could clean it up and tweak it a bit in Illustrator. I actually traced the sketched words in Illustrator with the pen tool. After some tweaking, here’s what it looked like:
I was pleased with the look, but thought it need a little more visual interest behind it to be used for the header of our blog. So, I decided to add a jagged circle and some texture. I wasn’t able to find the texture I was looking for online, so we inked up one of our letterpress rollers and made the texture ourselves and then scanned them in. Here are a few of the textures we made:

We used red ink when we were making the texture, but I wasn’t planning on using red for the logo, luckily it wasn’t too hard to change in Illustrator. And here’s the final product!
If you’re interested in learning a little bit more about the hand lettering process, I’d recommend checking out this handy book, The Little Book of Lettering. Their are many ways to approach hand lettering, and I am still very much a novice, but I have found you are able to achieve things that you just can’t do with the computer alone!

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