why start blogging?

So why start blogging now, you say? Their are a million blogs out there!

Well, yes, but everyone does have something to share. Including us! As a couple, as a family! We’ve each had our own blogs at different points in our life, with our latest one documenting our time in India this past winter. We found the process of sharing blog writing quite enjoyable. We found it more manageable when we each did a few posts a week instead of carrying the load of one of us blogging daily.  We have lots in common but we also have unique perspectives to offer- Darren being a husband, father, music lover, letterpress learner and me- a wife, mother, and a creative at heart. This is a place where we will share these unique thoughts and ideas.IMG_4508

We also have some big dreams for our family and we see this blog as a tool to share these things. We eventually want be able to help people do the same thing we are doing. In the coming weeks and months we will share more details on how we plan to craft a life where our life is our work and our work is our life.


3 thoughts on “why start blogging?

  1. jangawol

    Great Idea sharing a blog together, its something that is fun to share your experiences and you can also use it to make money if you choose, great post 🙂


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